Aşık Veysel Recreational Area

Aşık Veysel Recreational Area on 231 decares area in Bornova includes Olympic ice skating and ice hockey hall tribunes with 12.000 meter square area, amphitheatre with five thousand persons, walking trails, basketball and volleyball courts, tennis courts, mini football pitches, 2 cafeterias and recreational areas. The area has car park for 641 vehicles.

Çiçekliköy – Yakaköy
Çeçekliköy and Yakaköy ranks in the first place for those who want to escape from the city at the weekend. Village breakfasts and fresh air adorned with natural products in Çiçekliköy, green face of Bornova allure its guests with growing numbers breakfast venues and restaurants. Consecutively located these two villages in 2 km away to Manisa-Izmir Highway and 6 km away to Bornova are considered as lungs of Bornova and Izmir.


Homer Valley
A unprecedented recreational area has been created for those in need of one day holiday and those who want to get away from the busy life of the city. Bed of Bornova Stream extending between the city center of Bornova and Kayadibi has gained a new face with Homer Valley Project.

Believed to have inhabited in Izmir or Chios Island in BC 8th century is the compiler of the Iliad and the Odyssey, the first products of Greek feelings and notions. Homer Valley implemented in Bornova of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has taken its name from famous author. According to a mythological legend, Homer lived in a cave in the valley. If archaeological findings relating Homer and the period he lived can be revealed, Homer Valley Recreational Area can an alluring point in the world. Acquiring findings relating to the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, Homer, will make an overwhelming impression in the world.

Ponds and dams have been constructed along the valley in approximately 7 km long; picnic areas surrounded with flowers and trees have been arranged. Wooden sitting groups in compatible with nature have been positioned in picnic areas and security teams have been established and security of the area has been ensured. According to the belief of the locals, since there is a cave and rock mass at the down area of Bornova Stream and it is assumed that famous bard, Homer, known to be from Izmir, lived here, it has been attempted that this valley will be an alluring point for the world with the project so applied and it is called “Homer Valley”. Homer Valley with 500.000 meter squares area where endemic plant species peculiar to Izmir have been used without disturbing the structure of nature and contributing ecological structure of the city has become a natural wealth for those who want to get away from the city’s hectic life.

3.001 coniferous trees such as cedar, spruce, stone pine together with leafy types such as horse chestnut, lime, sycamore, sweetgum; 31.777 species such as oleander, cornelian cherry, bay, syringa, berberis have been planted to the suitable places of the valley for bushes and ground colouring and 156.920 ground cover species such as calenduleae, mesem, woodwaxen and seasonal and prehensile plant have been placed and  ground cover plant areas so planted as well as picnic tables and playground group placed as a result of the works performed at III section of the valley have been coloured in purple.