Living space of 8.500 years

Life has been going on for 8.500 years in Bornova hosting a myriad of cultures and cradle of numerous civilizations where it is believed that world famous bard, author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, Homer lived. Since it hosts two important universities and four industrial sites and is located in connection points of key highways, Bornova, considered as countryside once upon a time, has been mainly bearing the identity of “university and industry”. Bornova will have a voice in tourism with its social life areas implemented by Bornova Municipality, fresh green areas and Yeşilova Mound wherein new findings have been revealed with ongoing excavation works, proving that age of Izmir dates back to 8.500 years.


Yeşilova Mound/ Travel to the history of Izmir
Yeşilova Mound is the oldest settlement area in Izmir. Considered to a history dating back maximum five thousand years before it was discovered in 2003, Izmir has gained being one of the oldest settlements of Anatolia following the findings discovered in the excavations conducted and discovery of Yeşilova Mound. Excavations in mound started in 2005 with Izmir Archaeological Museum and paused for one year in 2007. Excavations has been ongoing under the presidency of Assistant Professor Dr. Zafer Derin on behalf of Ege University and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism since 2008. Yeşilova Mound located in the heart of Izmir is situated in Prehistoric Settlement (Prehistoric) Area of Izmir together with Yassıtepe Settlement (in front of Forum Bornova) at 300 meters in the north and İpekli Kuyu Mounds (Bornova Anatolian High School). Natural conditions have also affect cultural areas within historical processes. Thus, cultural history of Izmir has molded in Bornova Plain that is a fertile area with its natural structure and protected against harsh climatic conditions from the east direction, enclosed itself other than its west part.

Time travel in Yeşilova

“Time Travel Project” is an output of the Turkish Swedish Municipal Partnerships Network Project (TUSUNET), a collective cooperation executed by Union of Municipalities of Turkey (TBB) and Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR). “Time Travel Project” has been developed between Kalmar Municipality of Sweden and Bayraklı, Bornova, Karşıyaka and Manisa Municipalities of Turkey undertaking studies in the issue of “Sustainable Tourism” within the scope of TUSENET Project.

Bornova Municipality participated to the project launched in 2009 with “Yeşilova Mound Visitor Center Project”. Time travel is launched with the clothing, goods and materials of that period in Yeşilova Mound proving that life in Izmir has been maintained uninterruptedly in Izmir for 8.500 years.

Purpose of Time Travel is to teach by using history and drama and to transform historical areas into living historical spaces.