Public penetrability, common control of natural light and natural air conditioning effect

It has been stated that the project ranked as the first place comes to the fore with its characteristics such as gaining public open space that green area can be used by all people and the fact that this area is well-integrated with municipal building. Air circulation and natural air conditioning effect is used in the project allowing spread of common and controlled spread of natural light. An easy access is provided to the municipal building from Mustafa Kemal and Gediz avenues in line with the project stated to be created based on climatic conditions of Izmir and Bornova. Municipal services building projected in such a way that it can respond to the flexible use offer functional solutions in line with the requirement program offered to the competitor teams in advance.

8 teams out of 61 teams having applied for pre-qualification phase advanced to the finals by considering economic, authentic and qualified architectural approaches in the designs participating to “Bornova Municipality Building Environment Architectural Project Competition”. The projects emphasizing functional and innovative solutions and putting forward nature friendly, sustainable, contemporary environmental and architectural concepts have been meticulously reviewed. Following preparation of application projects, it has been stated that construction of municipal service building will commence.

After New Bornova Stadium is completed, it will be constructed in the place of old Bornova Stadium

Mayor of Bornova Municipality, Master Architect Olgun Atila, targeting to respond the expectations of Bornova citizens with a high-quality and easily accessible service concept, said “I would like to thank all teams participating in the competition. I congratulate the team ranking in the first place. We have completed a crucial phase throughout construction of new service building we have initiated for producing works in a decent environment and high quality suitable for our citizens. Here is not just a service building but also is a living space. Our Bornova city will acquire a very influential and valuable activity after Aşık Veysel Recreational Area.” Mayor Atila said that they maintain their collaborations with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and construction of municipal service building will be commenced in the area where old Bornova City Stadium is located following completion of New Bornova Stadium in Doğanlar District.

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