Rehabilitation center clinical services 

Neutering of cats brought by animal lovers is carried out in the clinic of Bornova Municipality within Büyükpark. Complaints of street animals and owned animals of citizens are reviewed by performing in-place visits. Bornova Municipality has put into practice Cat & Dog Rehabilitation Center in Pınarbaşı in order for enhancing the quality of its service offered towards street animals. The center is used for treating street animals under better conditions and returning them to normal conditions. Treating and neutering operations of street animals brought by Municipal teams during the day to the Center are carried out.


Animal Ambulance

Animal ambulance of Bornova Municipality is working non-stop for injured street animals requiring emergency treatment. Animal ambulance takes average 10 animals a day to Veterinary Services and treats such animals.


“Animal Love” education to primary school students

Our Veterinary Affairs Directorate also offer “Nature and Animal Love” education in primary schools in the district. In education processes offered by specialist veterinarians of our municipality, information in regard to a myriad of topics such as responsibilities feeding animal at home, what to do in case of biting, supports and aids for street animals is offered. In addition to this, trainings are also offered in the schools within the borders of the district for the purpose of raising awareness in the issues of Human, Environment and Veterinary Public Health.


For quenching their thirst

“Feeding points” for quenching the thirst of animals in especially summer days as well as care and treatment services for street animals function as a crucial place in all parks.


Special home for street animals

Warm homes have been prepared for street animals mostly undergoing food, drink and water problems in especially winter months. The huts prepared have been placed in quarters villages of Bornova.


Cat Houses

Cats taken under protection within an iron profile are both protected from cold weather and given their feeding needs in the houses with cat food and water containers inside the house. Regular maintenance and clean-up of cat houses are carried out by Bornova Municipality teams.


Happy Bird Houses

Children with down syndrome showed their loves in their hearts by constructing warm homes where they can shelter. The birds have colourful homes where they can shelter in Bornova with “Happy Bird Houses Project” conducted under the collaboration with Bornova Municipality, National Down Syndrome Society and Yeni Yüksektepe Association.