Marriage procedures are set forth by Marriage Regulation published by the Turkish Civil Code and the Council of Ministers.
Minimum one of the to-be-married couples residing within the borders of our Municipality should apply for our Municipality (those residing in Çamdibi, Altındağ, Işıkkent and Pınarbaşı should apply for Pazaryeri Marriage Registry Office, those residing in the city center should apply for Bornova Park içi Marriage and Council Hall Marriage Registry Office)
If the to-be-married couples (both of them) do not reside within the borders of our Municipality, they should submit Marriage Permit Certificate from Marriage Registry Office of the Municipality they reside in.
They should apply for our municipality with 4 passport size photographs and their original identity cards.
Those under 16 years of age should apply for our municipality with a court decree to be obtained from Court of First Instance-Family Courts,
Those under 17 years of age should apply for our municipality
together with their mothers, fathers or relevant guardians,
If their mothers, fathers or guardians are out of town, they should apply for our municipality with notarized deed of consent.

Those wishing to apply for marriage again after divorce should change their identity cards as “Single”.
Female candidates that do not have 300 days as of finalization statement of divorce should have a decision of waiting period to remarry after divorce to be obtained from Family Court.
Those who are foreign citizenship and wish to apply for marriage should have “Certificate of Single Status” obtained from their own residing countries (Apostille, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Governorship, Consulate etc. attested),

  • “Certificate of Birth”,
  • Notarized Turkish translation of this certificate is required for some countries.
  • Passport original and photocopy.
  • 4 passport size photograph.

Photographs should be taken in colour, from front with clear face and jaw within the last six months.
Marriage applications can be filed between 08.00-12.00 and 13.00-17.00 for Winter Time.
Marriage applications can be filed between 08.30-12.00 and 13.00-17.30 for Summer Time.
Couples applying for marriages can get “premarital counseling service”.
After marriage, those wishing to use their maiden surname with their marriage surname should complete the petition issued by our Department pursuant to Article 187 of Turkish Civil Code No. 4721.
Photographs and videos can be taken by the wedding owners during marriage.
Validity period of the documents is 6 months.
You are required to apply for your Family Physician for obtaining a health report after you have applied for us.


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