Address of Entertainment, Küçükpark

Heart of entertainment lies in Küçükpark, Bornova which is a vibrant district full of university students. Hosting more than 100 cafés and restaurants, Küçükpark maintains its energetic vibe at any time of the day. In this region hosting bars and clubs preferred mostly by young people, there are night clubs addressing all tastes and different music types are played. While it was a tranquil street where one or two cafés are located at the beginning of 2000s, Küçükpark has undergone a swift transformation within 10 years and become the heart of entertainment venues and has become frequent destination of not only young people in Bornova but also all young people in Izmir. Küçükpark hosts not only entertainment but also a myriad of tastes and flavours ranging from fast food to local food.




Walking tracks

Bornova- Kurudere- Karagöl – Gökçeler Walking Area/ 24 km

Gökdere Canyon– Kaynaklar / 24 km

Evka 3 – Çiçekli – Yakaköyü / 20 km

Evka 3 – Çiçekli- Ulucak- Belkahve / 25 km

Çamiçi- Karagöl- Karatepe- Çamiçi / 22 km

Karatepe Antenler – İkizgöl- Homer Valley/ 20 km

Eğridere – Karatepe Antenler – Laka Village/ 18 km

Sabuncubeli – Yaka Plateau– Çiçekli Village/ 25 km

Kavaklıdere – Nif / 27 km

Pınarbaşı – Kurutepe – Kavaklıdere / 20 km


Cycling tracks:

Bornova- Evka 3 – Çiçekli Village

Bornova- Sabuncubeli – Çiçekli Village– Kavaklıdere – Belkahve

Bornova Campus – Manisa Road – Çiçekli Village – Yakaköyü – Ulucak Village



Pınarbaşı race track has been hosting several large organizations since 1997. Length of the track constructed on an area of 250 decares is 2.186 m. This advanced sport complex includes two go-kart track (800 m-1100 m), fair area, VIP hall and cafeteria.  Go-kart race training is provided to 8-16 years of age groups and Safari Race training is provided to adults other than three Turkish Track Championships held three times each year and four special cup championships, three motorcycle track championships, national and local drag races, Go-Kart Endurance Championships, race trainings, safe drive trainings and motorcycle trainings. Pınarbaşı Race Track continues to be the hub of the vibrant and exciting activities with its increasing popularity.