As a project implemented in order for young people with Down syndrome to take an active role in working life, “+1 Down Café” was opened on December 3rd, International Day of Persons with Disabilities in 2015.


We are undertaking the construction works of 57th Artillery Brigade Road that will connect Yüzbaşı İbrahim Hakkı Avenue to Manisa Road with the collaboration of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Upon completion of the road, the vehicles coming from Manisa direction will easily access Bornova City Center. Connection will not only relieve the traffic of Bornova but also Izmir’s. Artillery brigade road with total 680 meter squares starting from the intersection of 528th Street and 467th Street and envisaged to be expanded in front of Malazgirt Primary School will connect Yüzbaşı İbrahim Hakkı Avenue serving a key function in inner-city transportation as an uninterruptible boulevard starting from Bayraklı Smyrna Square to Bornova Peripheral Road Junction to Istanbul Avenue (Manisa Road). In this way, vehicles will be able to access the city center of Bornova, peripheral roads without getting in struck in heavy traffic in university and hospital junctions. A new retaining wall with 1.100 meters has been constructed in the inner section instead of garden wall demolished as per the agreement concluded with the Ministry of National Defence within the scope of the works in brigade. The remaining 190 meters portion will be completed following the nationalization to be made thereafter. Within the scope of the same work, a main entrance, two depots and two sentry boxes have been constructed in 57th Artillery Brigade.


Public penetrability, common control of natural light and natural air conditioning effect

It has been stated that the project ranked as the first place comes to the fore with its characteristics such as gaining public open space that green area can be used by all people and the fact that this area is well-integrated with municipal building. Air circulation and natural air conditioning effect is used in the project allowing spread of common and controlled spread of natural light. An easy access is provided to the municipal building from Mustafa Kemal and Gediz avenues in line with the project stated to be created based on climatic conditions of Izmir and Bornova. Municipal services building projected in such a way that it can respond to the flexible use offer functional solutions in line with the requirement program offered to the competitor teams in advance.

8 teams out of 61 teams having applied for pre-qualification phase advanced to the finals by considering economic, authentic and qualified architectural approaches in the designs participating to “Bornova Municipality Building Environment Architectural Project Competition”. The projects emphasizing functional and innovative solutions and putting forward nature friendly, sustainable, contemporary environmental and architectural concepts have been meticulously reviewed. Following preparation of application projects, it has been stated that construction of municipal service building will commence.

After New Bornova Stadium is completed, it will be constructed in the place of old Bornova Stadium

Mayor of Bornova Municipality, Master Architect Olgun Atila, targeting to respond the expectations of Bornova citizens with a high-quality and easily accessible service concept, said “I would like to thank all teams participating in the competition. I congratulate the team ranking in the first place. We have completed a crucial phase throughout construction of new service building we have initiated for producing works in a decent environment and high quality suitable for our citizens. Here is not just a service building but also is a living space. Our Bornova city will acquire a very influential and valuable activity after Aşık Veysel Recreational Area.” Mayor Atila said that they maintain their collaborations with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and construction of municipal service building will be commenced in the area where old Bornova City Stadium is located following completion of New Bornova Stadium in Doğanlar District.


Construction of cultural center that the residents of Atatürk District wait for easily continues rapidly. 60 percent of Cultural Center started on January 15th and envisaged to be opened in 2016 has been completed. The center with construction site having 1575 meter square will have two multi-purpose halls for 280 persons and 336 persons. In addition to this, the building will have car parks, musician room, bridal chamber, baby care room, administrative offices and foyers.


Children World Project Competition has come to an end

Having prepared a myriad of projects such as sport, education, social activities, city management, Bornova Municipality is poised to implement one more unique facility. “Children World” Project to be carried out by Bornova Municipality selected as city of child friend by UNICEF will be a unique facility where students can learn by having fun. Mayor Atila said “We are primarily making investment for children.”

One more unique project is put into implementation in Bornova declared as the city of child friend by UNICEF thanks to the investments implemented for children. Bornova Municipality is putting Children World Project into implementation. Bornova Children’s World whose architectural project competition has been finalized is envisaged to be an alternative education and entertainment place where children can learn by discovering and spend enjoyable time with their families.

Projects are meticulously reviewed

58 projects across Turkey have participated to architectural project competition held for Bornova Children’s World. Members of the jury were Architect, Associate Professor Dr. Zehra Akdemir, Master Civil Engineer Deniz Alkan, Architecture Assistant Professor Halil İbrahim Alpaslan and Master Architect Semra Uygur presided by Architect Associate Professor Hikmet Gökmen. Mayor of Bornova Municipality, Master Architect Olgun Atila, Psychologist Prof. Dr. Eda Şeyda Aksel from Ege University, Faculty of Arts, Architect Ömer Yılmaz and expert municipal bureaucrats have provided their supports as a jury.

In the competition, total 8 projects that were deemed worthy of an award, the team comprised of architects, Kerem Çınar and Rabia Evkaya won the first competition award under the leadership of Master Architect Dr. Orkun Özüer. The team comprised of architects Emre Şavural, Seden Avcı, Ramazan Avcı and Fatih Yavuz won the second competition award. Master architects Derya Ekim Öztepe and Ozan Öztepe won the third competition award. In the competition where 5 honourable mention was granted, the project winning the first award will be implemented as application project.

Child Friendly City Bornova

Emphasizing the fact that UNICEF has declared Bornova as child friendly city, Mayor Atila has stated that they have set priority to women, children and persons with disability in municipal works. Atila said “Bornova is an education city. We are making investment to human, primarily children. Return of these investments will be very immense and vital in a manner that no one could imagine. We are working with awareness as Bornova Municipality. Bornova Children World is a significant project for entire Izmir as entire Bornova. Following this facility, we are interested in carrying out Karaçam Children Village within the shortest time possible.”

The project suitable for education city

MayorAtila has stated that they have carried out key scientific activities as municipality and a great number of children attended to our event titled as “Science in Park” which we held for the second time in Büyük Park this year and funded by TÜBİTAK, initiated last year Bornova Municipality, Mevlana Social Science Center. Each of them has undergone new experiences under the light of science and has made new sharing. Once Bornova Children World is completed, it will be an exemplary facility that will boost life qualities of children.

Special facility for children

Bornova Children World will comprise of spaces molding and supporting development of “cognitive, physical/motor, social and sensual skills of children between 4-12 age group with its workshop spaces, information and experience areas, permanent and temporary exhibitions. In addition to this, there will be a reading room incorporating 2.000 printed books, digital and sound books. There will be a space and a multipurpose hall that will be used in birthday celebrations as well as education and training activities intended for students.


The facility to be constructed on Doğanlar 1517th street will draw attention with its contemporary architecture. The center on which particular arrangements will be made for use of the citizens with disability will have Women Solidarity Office and related workshops and multipurpose hall. In addition to this, Doğanlar Branch of Dost Market that is one of the most important social responsibility projects of Bornova Municipality will continue its operations in this facility.


Within the scope of reclamation works in Büyük Park, children playground will have more modern and practical structure. Easy access of children especially with disability will be provided in terms of ergonomic style to the playground addressing 0-5 and 5-12 age groups. Ground of playground incorporating activities will boost both mental and physical development of children will be covered with coloured casting rubber for preventing minor guests to be harmed. Area will also have different ground games that children can easily play together.

The pool in the park will have a modern structure with dry pool structure within the scope of reclamation works prepared in line with the suggestions and demands received from the citizens. Visitors will also be able to spend enjoyable time thanks to music and sound systems in the pool.


The protocol of “Borbel E-City Information System Project” that we have submitted and won the grant to “Financial Aid Program of Information Society Transformation and Information Communication Technologies” of İZKA has been executed and its works have been initiated. Total budget of the project is 1 million TL, 750.000 TL of which is to be covered by İZKA with which we are a strategic partner with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Ege University. Application period of grant program that our Municipality has won among 45 applications has been designated as one year. Purpose of “Borbel E-City Information System” is to offer municipal services over e-state application, internet and mobile technologies in order for facilitating citizens to the access local administration services. Investment of information processing technologies we have carried out with our own means through the project up to now will be moved to a further step and will be connected to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Geographical Information System. In this way, processes in local administration services will be shortened and quality of the services offered will be enhanced and corporate resources will be utilized in the best possible effective and efficient manner.


Endeavouring to offer service to everyone and each point of the district with the motto “Bornova is our Home”, Bornova Municipality has prepared a special gift for new-born individuals to Bornova Family. Gift packages designed especially for new-born babies and their families are distributed.

Specially prepared

Specially designed package includes a photograph album with diary characteristics, baby made of soap placed inside a heart with the position of baby inside its mother womb executed by Bornova Women Cooperative and diaper shirt with “Welcome My Baby” on its chest. The products in turquoise blue package has been designed as in pink colour for girls and in blue colour for boys. The products and box have been produced from materials and fabrics not detrimental to environment and baby.


Bornova Municipality is adding a new multipurpose cultural center. Construction works of Pınarbaşı Cultural Center with total 1207 meter square have been commenced. Sub-base course insulation works have been completed on the land located at the intersection of 7039th street and 7064th street against Pınarbaşı Marketplace. It is estimated that Pınarbaşı Cultural Center projected as ground floor plus two floors is to be completed in July, 2017.