1933- Visit by Atatürk to newly constructed Agricultural School in Bornova.
Atatürk came to Izmir from Antalya by Gülcemal Ship on January 30th, 1933. Atatürk also visited newly constructed Agricultural School and National Library in Bornova. In February 4th, he set off for Afyon and during his stay of three days, he stayed again in his house.
The fields and lands between today’s Ege University and Yeşil Köşk (Green Mansion) were nationalized in 1924-1925 for the need of Bornova Agricultural School founded in December, 1922. Located within one of these lands, Sarı Köşk (Yellow Mansion) served as Directorate of Agricultural School until it was moved to the new building completed in 1933. The mansion also catches attention with Atatürk Bust in its garden as well as oval pool in front of it and intact ornate fireplaces in it.
Mustafa Kemal Pasha was watching the operation from Belkahve before stepping in Bornova with his Commanders, Chief of General Staff Fevzi (Çakmak) Pasha, Western Front Commander İsmet (İnönü) Pasha, 1st Army Commander Nurettin Pasha. He watched the flying Turkish Flag in Kadifekale with binoculars from under the fig tree. Whole gulf was visible.

Atatürk bust sculpted by the sculptor, Austrian Heinrich Krippell was placed in the memory of this visit into the garden of the mansion visited by him on June 18th, 1926. This work is one of the little known first statues of Krippell in our time and is may be the first bust of Atatürk sculpted.
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