We are undertaking the construction works of 57th Artillery Brigade Road that will connect Yüzbaşı İbrahim Hakkı Avenue to Manisa Road with the collaboration of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Upon completion of the road, the vehicles coming from Manisa direction will easily access Bornova City Center. Connection will not only relieve the traffic of Bornova but also Izmir’s. Artillery brigade road with total 680 meter squares starting from the intersection of 528th Street and 467th Street and envisaged to be expanded in front of Malazgirt Primary School will connect Yüzbaşı İbrahim Hakkı Avenue serving a key function in inner-city transportation as an uninterruptible boulevard starting from Bayraklı Smyrna Square to Bornova Peripheral Road Junction to Istanbul Avenue (Manisa Road). In this way, vehicles will be able to access the city center of Bornova, peripheral roads without getting in struck in heavy traffic in university and hospital junctions. A new retaining wall with 1.100 meters has been constructed in the inner section instead of garden wall demolished as per the agreement concluded with the Ministry of National Defence within the scope of the works in brigade. The remaining 190 meters portion will be completed following the nationalization to be made thereafter. Within the scope of the same work, a main entrance, two depots and two sentry boxes have been constructed in 57th Artillery Brigade.

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